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We have choreographed all types of routines for the big day! From simple and elegant, to outrageous and fun, we have seen it all. We will discuss your needs prior to your lesson and create the dance of your dreams with you.


About Alex










About Alex

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Owner and Principal Choreographer


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First Dances

For a lot of people, their wedding day is one of the biggest days of their life. However, the thought of dancing in front of a roomful of people can be nerve racking. Whether you want a short and simple routine, or a viral sensation, we will work together to create your perfect dance.


Father-Daughter and Mother-Son

Are you nervous because you’ve never danced together before? Our lessons will put you at ease! Whether it’s a basic waltz or a full out showstopper, we will make sure you’re both ready for the big day.


Music Editing

Have a medley in mind? Need you song cut shorter? Alex can edit your music with you until it’s exactly what you need. This service is included in your lesson fee.



North Vancouver, Canada



We are affiliated with Shift Dance Academy in North Vancouver. Please note your studio rental is included in your lesson/package fee. Lesson availability is subject to studio availability (weekends only September - June).

Shift Dance Academy

1172 14th Street W

North Vancouver

V7P 1J8




Why have dance lessons?

We offer a variety of options from emergency one offs lesson packages. Whether you are looking to avoid the awkward shuffle, or want to impress your guests with a full routine, we will ensure you both leave feeling confident and prepared for your big day. 

How far in advance should we book our lessons?


Alex is a full time elementary school teacher, however, her passion for dance fuels her to continue her wedding choreography business. As a teacher, she has limited availability throughout the year. Therefore she takes a limited number of clients each year to ensure she can provide the best quality and care for each couple. It is strongly encouraged to reach out 3 - 6 months before your wedding date and start lessons 1 - 3 months before your big day. 1 - 3 months in recommended to allow for practice time between lessons. This depends on the complexity and style of the dance.

How many lessons will we need?

This question is asked often and is tricky to answer. The short answer is everyone learns are different speeds and there is no way of knowing until you've had your first lesson. As a rule of thumb, if you just want to learn some basic steps, 2 lessons in recommended. If you want a proper routine, most couples take 3 lessons. If you want a show stopper medley, 4+ lessons is comfortable. There are always exceptions to these rules.

Where are the lessons?

We are based in North Vancouver, Canada.

We have no dance experience. Will we manage?

Yes! Many couples self proclaim to be terrible dancers with no rhythm or experience but are flying across the dance floor in a matter of lessons.

What song should we use?

Many couples worry about which song to chose and if it will be alright to dance to. We always suggest picking a song that is meaningful to you. If you have a specific dance style in mind, we can give a few suggestions as well. Check our playlist for inspiration!

What should we wear?

What ever you feel most comfortable in. It is recommended that you wear the shoes you will be wearing on the big day, or heels of a similar height, so you feel confident in them. Don't worry about the dress. We will discuss how restrictive it is during the lesson your choreographer will keep this in mind during choreography.

My Fiancée is nervous. What can I do?

It's very normal for one partner to feel nervous about the experience. Alex is friendly and warm and will put them at ease. The first lesson is always the hardest, but everyone always comments on how much more fun it was than they expected! They will be dancing the night away in no time. 


What happens if I have to cancel or change our lesson?

Planning a wedding can become stressful and unfortunately things do come up. You are able to cancel or reschedule free of charge until 48 hours of your lessons. After that there is a 50% cancelation fee. If you have to cancel on the day, there is a 75% cancelation fee. 

Why use Alex.Bleim.Dance over another company?

Let's see what previous clients have to say!



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Henrietta & Andrew - 8 Lessons


"Alex was THE BEST!  We had over 200 people at our wedding and the prospect of dancing in front of them all was utterly terrifying.  Not only did Alex teach us the perfect routine to our favourite song, she also taught us so many useful dance moves that we were able to use during the rest of the evening (and continue to use!).  Our guests loved our first dance; they couldn’t believe we could manage it!


Lessons with Alex were so easy and fun - she was consistently punctual, efficient and productive, but also gave us time to work on any fears and helped us out with individual areas we were struggling with.  It was so convenient having her come to our flat, and we were able to practise everything in our small space with her guidance, even the lifts!


By the end of the lessons we were so relaxed and confident that the dance went flawlessly on the night - leaving us free to notice our guests’ applause and cheers!  It was great having one less thing to worry about.


We don’t hesitate to recommend Alex - you won’t regret having her teach you your wedding dance - after all the most photographed/taped/watched of your life!



Danuta & Tim - 4 Lessons


"A huge thank you to Alex for teaching us, two complete novices, our amazing first dance routine!  Alex was so patient with us and not at all phased by our lack of experience and two left feet, or when I broke my knee 6 weeks before the wedding. Alex made the lessons fun and was so encouraging, she was even able to work around the injury and choreograph a truly unique dance routine! Our guests absolutely loved it and were amazed that we managed to complete a dance, let alone all the spins and lifts involved. It was definitely one of the highlights of our wedding and we could not recommend Alex highly enough!" 

Susanna & Dan - 2 Lessons


"We signed up to dance lessons before our wedding because we knew we really needed them (!) but what we didn't expect was how much fun we would have. Alex was a fantastic teacher - very easy to get along with, patient and constructive in her feedback, and encouraged us to try some more ambitious moves whilst ultimately letting us decide what we felt comfortable enough to include. The routine she choreographed was great, and most importantly, it gave us the confidence to really enjoy our first dance at the wedding!"

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Need some music ideas? Check out Alex's ever growing playlists!


First Dance Playlist


Parent Dance Playlist




Do not hesitate to email or call Alex should you have any questions at all. 


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